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What's inside?

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    1. Goal of Chapter 2

    2. Basic Investor Metrics

    3. Basic Investor Metrics Quiz

    4. Economics vs. Tokenomics

    5. Economics vs Tokenomics Quiz

    6. Quantitative Supply

    7. Quantitative Supply Quiz

    8. Supply Distribution

    9. Vesting & Distribution Quiz

    10. Q&A - Ethereum Inflation, fully diluted mc vs market cap

    11. Q&A - Vesting and allocations

    12. Q&A - Nuances about vesting

    13. Q&A - Price impact of inflation

    14. Understanding Demand

    15. Understanding Demand Quiz

    16. Demand: Value of the product & Utility

    17. Demand: Value quiz

    18. Demand: Incentives & Mechanisms

    19. Q&A - Token burns and governance staking

    20. Q&A - Price effect of burning

    21. Ecosystem: Culture & Classification

    22. Ecosystem: Culture Quiz

    23. Ecosystem: Project & Team

    24. Ecosystem: Team quiz

    25. Q&A - Revenue and clean yield

    26. Q&A - How to prevent a blow-up

    27. Tools

    28. Summary: TLDR

    29. DeFi Case Study: Maker DAO

    30. DeFi Quiz

    31. Slides for download #2

    1. Goal of Chapter 3

    2. Goal quiz

    3. 5 Pitfalls

    4. 5 Pitfalls Quiz

    5. DeFi Case Study: Chainlink ($LINK)

    6. Chainlink Quiz

    7. Influencer Case Study: Kasta

    8. Kasta Quiz

    9. NFT Case Study: LooksRare ($LOOKS)

    10. Looks quiz

    11. Case Study: Dogecoin ($DOGE)

    12. Doge quiz

    13. Value Capture & Incentives

    14. Value capture quiz

    15. TDF: step 1

    16. TDF: step 2

    17. TDF: Q&A

    18. TDF: step 3

    19. TDF: Q&A

    20. TDF: step 4

    21. TDF: step 5

    22. TDF: step 6 & 7

    23. TDF: Q&A

    24. TDF Quiz

    25. Summary: next lesson

    26. Q&A

    27. Slides for download #3

    1. Goal of Chapter 4

    2. Investor Framework intro

    3. Intro Quiz

    4. Question 1

    5. Question 2

    6. Question 3

    7. Question 4

    8. Q&A

    9. Question 5

    10. Question 6

    11. Question 7

    12. Question 8

    13. Question 9

    14. Question 10

    15. Question 11

    16. Question 12

    17. Q&A

    18. Q&A

    19. Q&A

    20. Slides for download #4

    1. Goal of Chapter 5

    2. Modeling vs. Simulation

    3. Monte Carlo Analysis

    4. Agent Based Simulation

    5. Discrete Event Simulation

    6. Systems Dynamic Simulation

    7. Simulation: Useful in web3?

    8. Q&A Discussion

    9. Benefits of Modeling

    10. Q&A 2

    11. Tokenomics Calculation Template intro

    12. Moonfire Tokenomics Explorer

    13. Modeling example start

    14. Q&A 3

    15. Modeling example continued

    16. Supply Drivers

    17. Supply & Demand Overview

    18. Demand Drivers

    19. Advanced Template - Preview

    20. Q&A 4

    21. Testimonial <3


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What Our Students Are Saying

“I am the Operations Lead at ResearchHub. I often struggled to decompose, analyze and build tokenomics and token design, of web3 projects. I joined the course because I wanted to receive a professional education that would allow me to improve my skills. I now feel more confident in breaking down tokenomics both for myself but also for others. The course was exceptionally well structured, and the Tokenomics Design Framework is a tool that I am currently using and surely will use for future projects.”


“My interest is learning about different topics that are web3 related. I want to be able to work in the ecosystem. Before the course, I didn’t have a framework nor the tools to be able to analyze tokenomics. I joined because it seemed that the course had excellent content and a great “teacher”. The course was very interactive, and the content was wonderful. Lovis’ ability to teach is outstanding. He unquestionably put a lot of effort in the content and his explanations were very concise and insightful. The balance between covering the basics, real life examples and more in-depth topics was remarkable.”


“I am an investor and I want to build my own products in the future. I was struggeling to get a more in depth understanding of the tokenomics. I wanted to know what the right tokenomics is as I am interested in the long-term investing and business. I found Tokenomics DAO on Twitter and then got directed to your Discord there I saw massive value within the community. The most interesting thing to me right now is going deeper on demand based emissions mechanisms which was covered during the final session!”


“I used to be an investor, tried to launch own DeFi investing product (didn't go well). And now I am here to learn from my mistakes. Didn't know projects tokenomics well enough to estimate their performance I want to work in TokenomicsDAO and educate other people on this topic. Highly interested in building my own tokenomics and possibly projects. I feel alot more confident about my research approach. This course helped me to create my own routine to analyze projects. So far this is the best place on the internet to learn tokenomics.”


“I am a builder, Co-Founder & Contributor in the DAO space. An obstacle that I had prior to attending the education sessions was getting a basic understanding of tokenomics design and incentivization so that I understand what variables to consider for my projects (as opposed to just copying what other projects did). I decided to attend because I needed a step-by-step approach to tokenomics - how to think about it and most importantly I wanted to be able to ask questions and get answers, answers that provided context for me to consider for future projects. I've taken several helpful things from attending these sessions but for me the most important is critical thinking and an understanding of context - right actions for my projects versus other projects, the importance of understanding supply and demand, and the understanding that models are just that - models, and it'll be important to update the model as variables change: demand, the marketplace, my business, etc.”


Want to work in web3?

Did you know that you could work in web3 as a tokenomics consultant?

It is possible to combine your previous professional experience in business, marketing, product development, consulting, etc. with a solid understanding of tokenomics to start your career in web3.

To learn tokenoimcs you can read a bunch of content and start your own research journey analyzing existing protocols. That's exactly what Tokenomics DAO did and we can tell you from experience that this is a long process with a lot of trial and error.

That's why we created a short cut for you: A structured curriculum that speed-walks you through the core-concepts.

Inside, we discuss relevant case-studies from DeFi, DAOs, and how web2 can be adapted into web3.
We build your knowledge from basic principles and go all the way to giving you the tools that we have developed doing dozens of consulting projects ourselves!
You get instant access to the Tokenomics Design Framework, the GMI Investor Framework and our Tokenomics Calucation Template! Not only that, we provide detailed explanation on how to use every single one of them!

If you want to learn the basics of tokenomics as fast as possible and join the largest tokenomics focused community on the internet with good foundational knowledge, enroll today!

Course reviews

5 star rating

Good tokenomics learning

Giorgio Manzi

Very straightforward course, ideal for begineers who already know some web3 notions and want to know more about tokenomics principles.

Very straightforward course, ideal for begineers who already know some web3 notions and want to know more about tokenomics principles.

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5 star rating

Great into

Ed Baum

I thought the Tokenomics DAO Intro to Tokenomics class was very useful. It strikes a good balance between what a true beginner needs to know and an introduction to more advanced concepts without getting too far into the weeds. I'd recommend it f...

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I thought the Tokenomics DAO Intro to Tokenomics class was very useful. It strikes a good balance between what a true beginner needs to know and an introduction to more advanced concepts without getting too far into the weeds. I'd recommend it for someone who is interested in Tokenomics and wants to learn more.

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